A sister they had, Galadriel, most beautiful of all the house of Finwë; her hair was lit with gold as though it had caught in a mesh the radiance of Laurelin.

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pleae swatch thi sthis is my absolute favourite video please


How in the fuck does this work so well?

I was nOT ready for tha t


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She’s Beauty, she’s Grace…

She’s Beauty, she’s Grace…

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I must go now human my planet needs me


I must go now human my planet needs me

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okay after thinking long and hard I’m going to reinstall new vegas and start over since I honestly do miss this game and I wanna see all the other endings

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i miss games like rise of nations and age of empires and even fucking stronghold shit man those games were my jam what happened why did they stop making those types of games

im so tired of zombies and post apocalyptic games just give me some good empire building and ransacking games again

like i love civ 5 but once you win it all the ways you can it just gets tiring

(whispers: more wood needed - more wood is needed, sire gOD NOSTALGIA)

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xrl xi just want a new game is what i want

levycas said: I kinda know what you mean. I know like every inch of NV (plus another 300 hours in Skyrim). But I like the humor in Borderlands enough to do it. Kingdoms of Amalur was good but I was big on the gameplay and grinding instead of figuring out the story

aobadatsgay said: Id recommend fallout or dragon age. Dragon Age is made by bioware but handles completely different from mass effect and has a rich story. Fallout (at least new vegas) is fps and you can get at least four different really good playthroughs out of it.

I’ll watch a lets play or two of borderlands and see if the gameplay is what I’m looking for, then maybe give it a try.


Oh I’ve played Dragon Age! Just finished DAII a few weeks ago actually. Eagerly awaiting Inquisition!

And to be fair to New Vegas, even though I’ve played it three times, I did the same ending twice (on accident) and didnt finish my last play through. Sigh sigh I really did want to see the other endings but do I want to start over again ahahahaha

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levycas said: I mean there’s always like Skyrim or Fallout??? Borderlands is more first person shooter-y but it has enough RPG elements. And you can get trainers for godmoding that.

ah yeah I know the good ol’ reliable games

I’ve finished Fallout and Fallout:NV uhhh, many times over with many different characters so its…they finally got old I think

Skyrim I finally bothered to finish the main quest then i restarted with a new character and a new style of play and I made my khajiit marry that bara orc blacksmith and built a house and adopted children and then I was like ‘what the fuck am I doing’ so I just uninstalled that ahahaha

one of my friends let me watch him play Borderlands but those types of games got old (to me) right around the time COD and MoH stopped caring about adding a storyline to their war games and just made them ‘shoot ‘em ups’ instead (complete with the never ending gray landscape wow amazing)

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rec me games to play guys

I’m nearly done with L.A. Noire but I’m saving the Vice missions for later.

I keep opening steam like ‘help’ but everything looks boring as shit and Sims 4 is going to be a major disappointment so my main time waster is gone from my life I’m a little lost

I finally got Papers, Please for cheap but that’s another time waster game for now I need like something with a story or a lot to do - linear or open world idc

dont rec mass effect tho I tried I really did but I hate the way the game handles the controls are shit sorry I can’t do it there’s not even a fucking god mode like I aint in these rpg games for gameplay I’m here for the story and if I can’t power through this dumb shit I ain’t gonna play whoOPS

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